How to Make Sure That the Business Credit Score Is Well Maintained

How to Make Sure That the Business Credit Score Is Well Maintained

The rules of maintaining a good business credit score are universal. The importance of doing so cannot be overemphasized. There is a wide range of advantages when your business has a good credit score, apart from enabling you to secure credit at favorable interest rates and terms, your business's value increases. Other businesses become eager to trade with you. Supplier relationships improve too. You are more likely to secure the best insurance policies with the best insurers. Therefore, you enjoy the perfect environment for business growth. Maintaining a good credit score should, therefore, be a central undertaking for any business. The process is as simple as it gets, but it is also easy to falter. Here are some tips to get you to that 850 credit score.

Pay Your Bills in Time

If you wish to build a good credit score, you should remember to pay all your bills before their due date passes. It would help if you also desisted from taking more debt than you can afford. Even then, one of the worst things to do with your business is to declare bankruptcy. It is also disastrous to do so as an individual. Such a move raises a red flag to all your current and potential business partners and stakeholders. Several credit scoring agencies in Malaysia use the due date payment of bills to rate businesses and individuals.  It is essential to pay your suppliers and lenders within the time agreed. Make all credit card payments in good time too. Apart from claiming your good character slot,  when you pay your bills within their time, you earn some points on your credit report card.

Seek Vendors and Suppliers Who Report To Credit Agencies

Working with lenders, vendors, and suppliers who report to credit agencies can significantly improve your business credit score. Therefore, make sure that every business engagement you pursue will help you grow your business somehow. It is a waste of time and effort to use suppliers, lenders, and vendors who do not report your faithfulness in repaying your debts, bills, and loans. Agree with your business partners, such as suppliers and lenders, to report your transactions to the credit scoring agencies. It may also help to get credit building apps for reporting your business payments.

Avoid using Excess Credit.

A lot of credit score models in Malaysia consider how you utilize the available business credit. Over utilizing the available credit lowers your credit score. It is simple. When you over-borrow, lenders and other business partners develop the impression that your business is not giving enough returns. Besides, it suggests that your firm is already overstretched.  The conclusion is that your business may not be able to sustain itself with time.

Acquire a Credit Card for Your Daily Expenses

Making use of your credit card for payments and ensuring that you keep the payments below your limit will help build your credit score. Credit cards are an excellent choice to build your credit profile because they are commonly used to make payments for supplies and other business-related expenses. You are also expected to choose your credit cards carefully. Your card should be one that provides services that align with your business needs. For example, if you travel a lot, picking a card that gives you rewards on gas purchases could be great to help you maintain a good credit score. Overall, a credit card is a useful option because it offers convenience for payment of expenses on the fly anywhere.

Protect Your Credit

Some credit scoring agencies combine personal and business credit profiles. You are advised to separate your credit from your business credit.  However, do not sacrifice one for the other. It is a double mistake to let both credit profiles to slip because it will prevent you from getting any credit. It can happen, even if you have good returns for your business. While business cash-flow may be seen, it may be an early warning of possible business failure. You should also remember that your business credit profile will be the sole determining factor if your business is new and has no business credit history.

Always Stay Ahead of the Game

You should keep tabs on your credit status. Knowing your credit status helps you to adjust and improve or maintain your credit score. You will also be in a position to plan realistically. Securing a credit monitoring service could help you do so. Sometimes it is hard always to know how you are performing – credit-wise, off the head. As you pay bills and make purchases, your credit score could be beating while you think you are within your limits. The challenge with a credit monitoring service is that you will have to pay for it, hence increasing your expenses.


Maintaining a good credit score requires discipline. You should live within your means. Avoid over-borrowing. You should also keep your personal and business credit profiles separate. Engage vendors, lenders, and suppliers who will report your credit performance to the scoring agencies. Contact us today to get your credit score well maintained


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